David Rio™ is an award-winning premium chai and tea company, which takes pride in sourcing high-quality ingredients from around the world, offering customers only the finest products. Today, David Rio's premium chai and tea products are available in cafés, restaurants, and specialty retail stores in over 45 countries. As David Rio™ continues to extend its global reach with its products, the company also desires to effect purposeful change on a global scale, which is reflected in its partnership with IFAW. To underscore its commitment to IFAW in protecting wildlife around the world, David Rio donates annually to IFAW and promotes its initiatives with Tiger Spice Chai®, Elephant Vanilla™ Chai and their Cub Chai line. David Rio also names its products in their Endangered Species line after endangered, at-risk or vulnerable animals. Together, we are protecting tigers, elephants and other wildlife and conserving habitats around the world, one cup of chai at a time. David Rio was established  in San Francisco in 1996 by co-founders, Scott (David) Lowe and Rio Miura. Make a donation to IFAW via the David Rio™ donation page here.