IFAW wins People's Choice Award!

An IFAW advertising postcard developed by the Asia Pacific office with the generous support of the Netherlands based Rapp Collins/DDB agency has taken out a top prize at the inaugural "Avant Card Postcard of the Year Awards".

At the ceremony last night at Sydney's iconic Opera House, the Will Only Words Remain whale card won the "People's Choice" award after being voted most popular card of the year by the public.

Avant Cards are free postcards distributed through cafes, theatres, schools and entertainment venues all over Australia.  Hundreds of companies use them in their campaigns - from art galleries to car manufacturers to the Australian Government. 

When accepting the award on behalf of IFAW I outlined the purpose of the cards which were part of an integrated campaign to urge the Australian Government to act with more than just words to stop Japan's illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean. 

The campaign was a great success with 40,000 cards being snapped up by the public and 1000 people took the time to complete the tear off cards, stick stamps on them and post to the then Prime Minister John Howard.  We were also very pleased that traffic to our www.stopwhaling.com.au website almost doubled during the campaign. 

One of the award judges said, "This haunting combination of image and type packs a pretty powerful emotional punch and is intelligent, visually stunning and really drives home the message."

Thanks so much to Avant Card and Rapp Collins/DDB in Amsterdam.  Huge thanks to our wonderful supporters and all those people who took the cards and cared enough to take action! 

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