IFAW Begins Releasing Penguins Back to the Sea!

Valeria Ruoppolo, IFAW's Latin American Emergency Responder recently posted this report from the rehabilitation center in Argentina...

We have washed most of the birds by now but still getting 1 or 2 cormorants everyday. There is oil in the water and today we're expecting an extraordinary high tide, with the possibility of more oil washing off the rocks and mussel beds into the water.

Yesterday we released the last 3 steamer ducks and another 4 grebes. Only 4 grebes left, 11 clean cormorants and 3 oiled. 193 clean penguins and 1 (emaciated) still oiled. 212 birds in care, 94 released.

Today we're having another big feather grading day on the penguins! Birds that approve waterproofing get their blood taken, and with blood approval among other criteria, they get measured and banded to be released tomorrow. We're expecting at least 50 penguins to go tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.
Valeria xx

Valeria Ruoppolo

International Fund for Animal Welfare

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