Saving a humpback in Rhode Island

A young humpback whale was stranded off the coast of Rhode Island last weekend, tangled in nets and fishing gear.  Rescuers worked for hours from their boats to try to free the underweight whale, but it eventually was able to free itself.  It may still have some small lines attached, and observers note that it had a few lacerations, but the whale was able to swim off strongly.

The ocean near New England is one of just a few regions on the Earth where humpbacks are known to live.  A speciality conservation group in the area, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, claims that they've been able to identify and give names to over 1500 different humpbacks in those waters over the past 25 years.  No word on whether they know the identity of the stranded Rhode Island whale!

Leigh-Ann Gerow

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