Fox Hunting Ban is indeed normal, enforceable and workable

We recently saw another landmark moment in the journey of the 2004 ban on fox hunting to becoming a bastion of British culture. 

The die-hard few who still call for repeal of the ban describe it as "bizarre", "unenforceable" and "unworkable". Funnily enough, they never call a spade a spade and demand the reintroduction of hunting. 

Perhaps, because no-one in their right political mind would call for the reintroduction of a blood sport.  In the meantime, they organise "trail hunts" which appear to be "accidents" waiting to happen. "Accidents" which sometimes end up with a pack of hounds ripping a fox to shreds...

Last week, however, a court in Sussex concluded that three members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt didn't have an accident, they simply broke the law and those responsible were branded criminals. 

Although the Sussex Police rarely, if ever, checked on the hunt's activities, I'm pleased to say that a small and dedicated team of monitors captured the evidence on film and convinced the police and Crown Prosecution Service to take the hunt to court. 

Guilty as charged on most of the counts against them and a sizeable fine and costs against them to boot. 

How's that for normal, enforceable and workable?


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5 years ago

While its good to see IFAW condemning hunting, it is depressing to see that this piece of writing, like so many on the subejct, implies that fox hunting has been banned, and that the current UK laws represent a fait accompli. The fact is that the 2004 Act - though a step in the right direction and extremely good news for mink - still permits fox hunting, encourages hunters to put bullets through foxes, and even provides loopholes for hunting below ground if the hunt is being used to remove fox populations from areas where birds are reared for shooting - its self a very cruel business.
Please realise this, and instead of pretending that "cruelty is history", rise to the challenge and at least be prepared to criticise the Act.

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