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Fishing nets don’t just trap. They kill.

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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To save entangled seals, we developed safe and effective sedation techniques.


Throughout the world, seals are becoming entangled in fishing gear. Initial attempts to capture and untangle these wary seals on Cape Cod proved difficult, and we realised we needed a new approach.

So, when we heard that colleagues on the west coast of the United States had been successful in using new sedation methods with entangled sea lions, we got in touch.

Unlike sea lions however, if the dosage of the sedative isn’t just right, seals can become lethargic, sink and drown. Still, we knew sedation was their only chance at survival. So, we had to get it right.


We partnered with The Marine Mammal Center in California to develop new techniques for rescuing entangled seals.

Together, we pioneered a new method of seal rescue that involves sedating and tracking the seal’s location throughout the rescue process. It has proved to be a safer, more thorough approach.

On average, the rescue process takes 45 minutes. Innovative rescue techniques spare seals from prolonged, significant pain and suffering.

The data says stranded dolphins can rejoin their pods.

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Entangled Seal Rescue - Global

Animals all over the world face real threats.

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