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Animal interests aren’t special interests

We ensure policy decisions have a positive impact on animal's lives. 

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We make sure that animal welfare and conservation are always United States policy priorities.


Depending on who is in office, policy and funding priorities can change. But the need for animal rescue and conservation efforts are constant.

At IFAW, we work to ensure that US funding and policy will always go towards conservation and support animal welfare—no matter who is in charge.


Through coalitions like like the US Global Leadership Coalition – which brings together national security experts, foreign policy advisors, and industry specialists – and direct advocacy to Congress and the Administration, we engage strong bipartisan support for conservation and animal welfare efforts.

We show Administration officials and members of Congress how animal welfare and human welfare are interlinked, as well as how conservation and security are connected.

And we work to ensure that conservation is part of the conversation about how American dollars are spent overseas, and that international conservation is a priority for Americans.


volunteers trained and ready to rescue marine mammals along the North Sea coast.

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Helping People Help Animals
wildlife-crime related arrests have been made by the Malawian and Zambian governments along their shared border with the support of USAID. This example and others like it demonstrate the relationship between wildlife security and national security, underlining the need to consider animal welfare as part of policy decisions.

every problem has a solution, every solution needs support.

The problems we face are urgent, complicated, and resistant to change. Real solutions demand creativity, hard work, and involvement from people like you.

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US Global Leadership

We ensure policy decisions have a positive impact on animal's lives. 

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