Kelvin Alie

Executive Vice President


Kelvin Alie grew up on Dominica, a nation in the West Indies that is nicknamed “Nature’s Island” for its extraordinary biodiversity. In an economy dependent on agriculture and ecotourism, Kelvin saw firsthand how conservation and animal welfare begins and ends with people.

Kelvin started his career in the Dominica Forest & Wildlife Service. Although the science and practice of forestry kept him intellectually engaged, something was missing.

I had a passion. I didn’t just want to show up to work. I wanted to be part of a global movement and make a difference.

Kelvin Alie

Today, Kelvin helps lead that movement as IFAW’s Executive Vice President.

Before becoming Executive Vice President in 2017, Kelvin presided over IFAW’s international programs as Vice President of Conservation and Animal Welfare and led IFAW’s Wildlife Trade Program for nearly a decade, growing a grassroots campaign against poachers into a global coalition that includes INTERPOL, national law enforcement agencies, forensic scientists, and local communities in several countries. Kelvin personally assisted INTERPOL with its investigations into ivory and rhino-horn traffickers in Africa, work that earned Kelvin an award from the New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in 2012.

From co-authoring a study on the links between wildlife conservation, security and development, to teaching new generations of enforcers (police and custom officers) how to prevent, detect, and stop wildlife crime, Kelvin's work has changed how people all over the world are standing up for animals, both on the front lines and at the highest levels of decision-making.

Kelvin’s experience as an ambassador and convener goes back 20 years. Shortly after Kelvin first joined IFAW in 2001, he provided coordination and leadership for wildlife conservation interventions in the Wider-Caribbean Region, brokering strategic partnerships with governments and civil society in a number of countries. He personally led the expansion of IFAW’s wildlife trade work in the Wider-Caribbean and provided oversight on efforts to develop responsible whale and dolphin watching in the Eastern Caribbean. He represented IFAW on the steering committee of the U.S. Bushmeat Crisis Task Force and served on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Task Force on illegal Trade in Environmentally Sensitive Goods. Kelvin led IFAW’s delegation to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES).

Early in his career, Kelvin hosted a radio program called “Environmental Yours” in his native country Dominica when he worked for the forestry and wildlife service. The focus was on current issues in conservation with a slant towards human stories behind wildlife conservation. He holds degrees from the University of Hull, the City College of New York, and Cyprus Forestry College.


Vice-President, Conservation and Animal Welfare, IFAW United States

Director of Wildlife Trade Program, IFAW United States

Special Assistant to the Vice President of Programs, IFAW United States

Wildlife Project Manager, IFAW United States

Assistant Forest Officer, Forestry, Parks, and Wildlife Division Dominica


Master of Science, Biodiversity Conservation University of Hull, United Kingdom

Master of Arts, Economics City College of New York, United States

Diploma, Forestry Cyprus Forestry College, Cyprus

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