Beth Allgood

Country Director - United States

United States

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How do you value happiness in an economy? To some policymakers, a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would be the answer. But to Beth Allgood, it’s something more.

After 20 years working in conservation, animal welfare and international development in Washington DC, I have seen firsthand that trying to define the value of nature and wildlife in monetary terms has limitations.

Beth Allgood

Beth has made it a goal of her career to help policymakers capture a more comprehensive account of the value of vulnerable wildlife populations—and to take action to protect that value around the United States and around the world.

In her previous work at USAID, the World Wildlife Fund, or the Nature Conservancy, Beth’s focus on grassroots programs and wider policy discussions have helped develop communities while simultaneously protecting irreplaceable wildlife.

Beth has continued this work at IFAW. As the US campaign manager, Beth oversaw the strategic development and implementation of IFAW’s work in the US to protect whales and elephants, as well as more broadly to address global wildlife crime.

Now, as Country Director for the United States, Beth oversees the strategy and implementation of projects and campaigns across the country—particularly those regarding ivory trade, wildlife trafficking, and wildlife security issues. She brings this work to a broad stage as IFAW’s liaison to the Clinton Global Initiative’s Elephant Action Network. And of course, she leads IFAW’s innovative work to look beyond GDP for alternatives that better promote happiness and well-being for people and animals. 

To her, the work is about more than protecting animal welfare. It’s about reframing the way we as people value our world—our happiness. Because without deliberate effort on the part of humans, there is no guarantee that many species will survive.


Senior Policy Advisor, The Nature Conservancy United States

Congressional Liaison and Government Aid Agency Liaison, World Wildlife Fund-US United States

Project Manager, US Agency for International Development (USAID) United States


Master of Science, Business Management Boston University in Rome, Italy

Bachelor of Arts, International Affairs James Madison University, United States

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