Sonic Sea wins two Emmy awards

Patrick Ramage | October 6 2017

IFAW and our partners at NRDC and Imaginary Forces are deeply gratified by the recognition our film Sonic Sea achieved at the documentary Emmy awards last night at Lincoln Center in NYC, where Sonic Sea won two Emmy Awards: Outstanding Nature Documentary and Outstanding Music and Sound.  

Narrated by Rachel McAdams, and featuring IFAW’s own Katie Moore, musician, environmental and human rights advocate Sting, and other compelling voices, Sonic Sea powerfully explains how noise pollution from shipping, industrial activities, and military sonar is threatening individual marine animals, their underwater habitats, and our ocean planet. For more on this Emmy-winning film and what all of us can do to help reduce ocean noise pollution, go to

WATCH Sonic Sea on Vimeo using code SONICSEE

IFAW’s involvement, scientific film footage and financial contributions to this multi-year film project would not have been possible without your support. Thank you, and congratulations to the entire Sonic Sea team!

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Patrick Ramage

Director – Marine Conservation

To help mariners see what's going on in the water—where whales are, where they've been hurt or sighted—we need to get them information that they can use in real time.

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