Report a Found Penguin Band


South America has seven species of penguins distributed along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Each year, hundreds, if not thousands, of these birds die from being oiled and other human caused problems. The work that IFAW and other organizations does to treat and rehabilitate oiled penguins and release them back to the wild is part of a vital program to save these species from peril.

Information obtained about these banded and released birds is critical to helping scientists determine the success of rehabilitation and potential problems in the environment. Additionally, band return information assists scientists in developing a greater understanding of the natural history of these animals. Only when we strive to understand nature will we have a true picture of our impact on this planet.

The IFAW Penguin Bands have a code of two letters (IF) followed by a dash and a series of sequential numbers starting at IF-0001. The letters IF will allow researchers working on the penguin colonies to recognize these as IFAW Penguin Bands, without needing to touch the birds. The reverse side of the bands has contact information. On the side touching the bird's body, there is the link to this website and a phone number in Brazil to report band findings.

Penguin Band Location Report