Whenever governments gather and agree on environmental policy and animal welfare related issues, animals are affected--directly and indirectly.  Decisions made in international conventions and agreements often substantially influence wildlife conservation and animal welfare as they guide international and national policy, legislation and budgetary priorities.

IFAW provides research about issues and advocates for the inclusion of animal welfare considerations into international agreements. We deliver expertise and help develop practical solutions that can reduce the suffering of individual animals and protect animal populations and their habitats.

A few of the international agreements and organizations in which we work include:

These international agreements and organisations can define consistent principals for protecting animals and habitat that may be implemented worldwide.  Slowly, but increasingly, governments recognise that animal welfare must be explicitly addressed at the global level. Once good decisions and commitments are made, good implementation and compliance are essential to really improve the situation for the animals that need protection. Therefore, IFAW supports the implementation of international agreements in part through effective enforcement of wildlife regulations, training of anti-poaching rangers, customs agents and wildlife law enforcement officers.

Leading experts who attended an international forum organized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the University of Limerick, in June 2004 collaborated on Gaining Ground: In Pursuit of Ecological Sustainability.  The 425-page book was published in 2006.

Keep Wild Animals Wild Program

Go wild with IFAW's lesson plans on wildlife for K-8!

The Keep Wild Animals Wild lesson plans, videos and worksheets explore what makes an animal wild, why we need to keep wild animals wild and how we can help protect wild animals from the threat of wildlife trade.

You will find these and a wealth of other free, multi-lingual educational resources from IFAW’s Animal Action Education program via the regional links to your left.

tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.
tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.

tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.

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