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For more than two decades, IFAW has joined with educators, parents and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio to bring our free Animal Action Education (AAE) programme to classrooms, youth groups and families worldwide.

Today, AAE educates and inspires some five million educators and students in more than 60 countries worldwide each year to respect and protect animals and their habitats.

Please click on the links below to access free educational resources for primary and middle level educators available in numerous languages and regional dialects.

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IFAW’s Animal Action programme is an international educational partner of:

Keep Wild Animals Wild Program

Go wild with IFAW's lesson plans on wildlife for K-8!

The Keep Wild Animals Wild lesson plans, videos and worksheets explore what makes an animal wild, why we need to keep wild animals wild and how we can help protect wild animals from the threat of wildlife trade.

You will find these and a wealth of other free, multi-lingual educational resources from IFAW’s Animal Action Education program via the regional links to your left.

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