At the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), we recognize we have a special role in balancing the needs of animals and people who live in communities around critical animal habitats. In most regions where we find intense animal suffering or population loss, we also find people who are struggling for their very survival.

That’s why at IFAW, we work for solutions that benefit both animals and people.

This includes education and community development that protects critical habitat corridors and mitigate human-wildlife conflict, such as tiger and elephant migration corridors in India and elephant migration corridors through Maasai settlements around Amboseli National Park.

In coastal communities, we promote responsible whale watching efforts and promote policies and deploy technologies to prevent ship strikes in coastal communities.

Sometimes very simple technologies, such as fuel efficient stoves in India and a fish and vegetable farm with secure water supply in Malawi, greatly improve people’s health and reduce incidents of people going into wild areas, degrading the habitat and coming into conflict with wildlife.

As a last resort, some wild animals in frequent conflict with human communities must be relocated, such as a group of forest elephants in violent conflict with villagers in the Ivory Coast as well as a whole herd of 83 elephants in Malawi. IFAW’s expertise with these mega moves has made us a go-to organization for saving animals and people when all other options have been exhausted.

Keep Wild Animals Wild Program

Go wild with IFAW's lesson plans on wildlife for K-8!

The Keep Wild Animals Wild lesson plans, videos and worksheets explore what makes an animal wild, why we need to keep wild animals wild and how we can help protect wild animals from the threat of wildlife trade.

You will find these and a wealth of other free, multi-lingual educational resources from IFAW’s Animal Action Education program via the regional links to your left.

tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.
tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.

tenBoma is the best chance we have to stop poachers.

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