Help needed for the Marine Mammal Rescue Team

The Marine Mammal Rescue Team helps dolphins, whales, porpoises and seals that have become stranded. It’s hard work that depends upon the right combination of expertise, manpower and equipment – all of which is only possible through your support.
There are lots of ways you can help ensure we’re ready for future strandings, both by making a donation or contributing supplies and services.  Read on to see the most valuable ways you could assist this work.

Make a donation
Marine Mammal Rescue desperately needs funding to ensure we’re equipped to help stranded mammals. If you want to make a donation to support this work, click here.

Supplies and services
Many items in the Marine Mammal Rescue wishlist may only be appropriate for residents of Cape Cod, but some of the more specialised equipment could be supplied by companies or individuals worldwide. If you are willing to help, please make a donation or send an email with your contact information and a brief description of how you can help us rescue animals in crisis. 

Help feed hungry teams

Donations of non-perishable, ready-to-eat food and healthy liquids for staff and volunteers are essential in the midst of a rescue operation.  If you or your company can donate a case or more of pre-packaged food, please send an email. Items like Granola bars or other food which can be eaten quickly by hard-working volunteers are ideal.  Bottled water, sports drinks or soda are also essential.
If you manage a restaurant we’re also tremendously grateful to know we can count on you for larger quantities of food during a mass stranding.  Fortunately, these events don’t happen very often, but when they do, it’s wonderful to know who we can call. Please send us an email if you can provide donated lunches or dinners for hungry volunteers.

Share supplies and small equipment

Please send an email if you, or your company, can contribute any of these smaller items:

  • LED headlamps (ideally water-resistant) (20)
  • Rugged, waterproof flashlights (8)
  • High quality hoses that remain flexible in cold weather (8)
  • Basic sawhorses (4-8)
  • Paper towels

Help us acquire specialized equipment

More specialised equipment is expensive and harder to find so we often need donated funds to make purchases. If you or your company either has such equipment or are willing to help buy them, please email.

  • Satellite tags (2 or more @ $2,200 each)

Under current government policy, even healthy dolphins or whales that strand alone are generally euthanized. This general practice assumes individual dolphins from a social species have a poor chance of survival if released outside the protection of a pod. We are challenging this assumption and have received Federal authorization to release and study healthy single animals using satellite tags.  Early results are promising, but we need funding for more of these highly specialized tags designed to transmit critical data and then break free from the dolphin. If you can help, send an email or click here to donate.

  • Heating and air conditioning unit for a rescue trailer  ($2,500 - $3000)

This will help better control the temperature of animals during treatment and transport, but we need a unit which can be mounted on the front of a trailer (or a low profile style that mounts on top).  If you can help, send an email or  donate.

  • Tankless water heater (1 or 2 @ about $400)

The ability to have large quantities of hot water during a rescue would improve our efficiency and help volunteers and staff clean mud off dry suits and stretchers. If you can help, send an email or donate.

Volunteers needed

Dolphin, whale and seal strandings lead to long hours and lots of dirty, muddy gear and equipment, all of which needs to be cleaned and restocked onto rescue trailers. Volunteers who are willing to be “on call” for a late night or morning cleanup are the unsung heroes of Marine Mammal Rescue. If you’re one of those rare people who don’t mind the dirty work, please send us an email.

Mechanics & body shops to keep us on the road

Rescue trucks and trailers used during marine mammal strandings and other animal rescues across the United States can be severely tested by the rough conditions we work in. If you can help with maintenance and rust repair, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Please email if that sounds like you.

Wanted: Plumbers, Electricians & general contractors

We occasionally have small projects where we could use some expert assistance in exchange for a free hat, endless gratitude and the knowledge that your help has freed up more funds for direct animal rescue. 
For example, right now we need a few hours of assistance from a plumber to help repair an outdoor faucet and improve our cleanup area. We also need to add a utility sink and shower for muddy rescue crews.  We have most of the necessary hardware and have been planning a “DIY” weekend, but it would be great to find a professional who could help complete the job quickly.

Carpenters and electricians could also help us build some new racks to hold equipment during cleanup and also install weatherproof lights and outlets to increase efficiency. If you’re willing to help now, or with future projects, just send us an email.