Flood Relief Underway in Indonesia

Thursday, 16 August, 2007
Yarmouth Port, MA
Severe floods and mudslides have devastated Southeast Asia in recent weeks. Torrential rains on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi have wreaked havoc in low-lying farmlands. The rising waters are displacing people and animals alike, with many affected areas remaining out of help’s reach. To assist in animal relief operations at this critical time, IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare - www.ifaw.org) has mobilized an Emergency Relief team to the island and will collaborate with local group CARE (Center for Animal Rescue and Education).
With more rain expected, over 1,000 displaced livestock face disease, starvation, or worse. The IFAW/CARE staff will conduct vaccination and de-worming campaigns and will provide food and vitamins to cattle and other farm animals in Sulawesi’s Toili region.
After an initial assessment of the damage and needs in the area, Dr. Kusnoadi from CARE expressed concern for the welfare of these animals. “The condition in Sulawesi is awful, many farms are destroyed and everything from cows and chickens to goats and pigs need immediate aid in the form of food and medication.”
Many roads on this massive island have been washed away. “The only way to access the worst-hit areas like Morowali is by helicopter,” added Dr. Kusnoadi. Experts say that deforestation in Indonesia has increased the impact and magnitude of flash floods and mudslides. With trees gone heavy rains pour down unobstructed – penetrating and dislodging soil which results in massive landslides.
“Destruction from the recent flooding and mudslides in Sulawesi brings back memories of the horrible flooding that IFAW responded to just five months ago near Jakarta. We anticipate a similar devastation and impact on the human and animal communities,” said IFAW’s Dick Green. “We are receiving reports of large numbers of agricultural and domestic animals impacted by the storms. Our team is prepared for any water-related rescue operations and anticipate to be very busy for the next two weeks.”

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