Radios Donated to Battle Poaching in Africa

Tuesday, 22 July, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
Two-way radios once used to protect wildlife across Canada will now help stop poaching in Africa, thanks to a collaborative effort by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW – and Environment Canada.
“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Canadian government in this important project,” IFAW Canada campaigner Barbara Cartwright said.

The Canadian Wildlife Service recently retired 228 Motorola PT 300 radios used to protect wildlife between 1973 and 2000, and approached IFAW in hope that they could find suitable anti-poaching agencies in Africa in need of radios.

IFAW identified wildlife agencies in Chad, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania and Nigeria interested in receiving the radios. The remaining radios were shipped to the Lusaka Task Force Agreement (LATF) office in Kenya for dispersal amongst the member countries. To ensure the radios remain operational, IFAW bought antennas and a six-month supply of batteries. Each radio takes 11 D-cell batteries.

“On behalf of the secretariat of LATF, I wish to express my appreciation to the government of Canada through Environment Canada for the donation of the hand-held radio communication sets, to IFAW for providing back-up batteries and which has been very supportive in the past and the Canadian High Commission in Kenya for facilitating the shipment,” said Emily Kisamo, Director, LATF.

This equipment will play an important role in fighting illegal trade in wild fauna and flora by easing communication within the party states of LATF-namely Kenya, Lesotho, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Congo Brazzaville.

“The need for effective and efficient radio communication networks in anti-poaching and law enforcement operations cannot be overemphasized. We are pleased to contribute towards the great efforts of LATF in combating wildlife crime in Africa,” said James Isiche, IFAW East Africa Regional Director.

IFAW’s anti-poaching efforts include working to stop the ivory trade, safeguarding habitat, building world-class reserves and sanctuaries, supporting wildlife authorities in Eastern Africa region, Meru National Park, and promoting harmonious coexistence.

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