Experts convene in Marine Mammal Stranding Conference

Wednesday, 16 April, 2008
Providence, Rhode Island - United States
Today, marine mammal experts, representatives from federal and state agencies, and members of the Northeast Regional Stranding network are meeting for the annual event which this year is hosted by CCSN (Cape Cod Stranding Network) a project of IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare -, and the Mystic Aquarium.
The Northeast Region Stranding Conference is held from April 16 to 20 in Providence, Rhode Island and will gather over 100 participants to discuss strategies that will improve the coordination and effectiveness in rehabilitation and release efforts of marine animals.
Constituents will partake in meetings and scientific sessions that will include items than range from stranding innovations and trends, disease and diagnostics to oil spills and more.
"This conference is an annual event that allows stranding responders from Maine to Virginia to meet and present their work.  It is an opportunity to share findings and innovations that will contribute to the welfare and conservation of these federally protected species," said Katie Touhey, IFAW/CCSN Emergency Relief Manager for Marine Mammals.
There are many conditions that can bring about strandings, including rough and disorienting weather, sickness or injury, boat strikes, and human impacts such as entanglement in fishing gear or debris.
The Northeast region of the United States has always been active in stranding incidents. Cape Cod has one of the highest rates of marine mammal strandings in the world. The geological structure of the Cape is thought to be a significant factor in the cause of mass strandings of dolphins and whales.

About CCSN (Cape Cod Stranding Network)
The mission of the Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN) is to promote the conservation of marine mammal species and their habitat by improving the rescue and humane care of stranded marine mammals, advancing stranding science, and increasing public awareness through education. The Cape Cod Stranding Network is now an IFAW project and operated with authority from the National Marine Fisheries Service.

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