Waiting hopefully on injured ele Dhara, displaced from her herd during massive flooding in India

Dhara gets an x-ray. Credit: IFAW/S.BarbaruahDhara, an elephant calf, came to us on June 28th.

She had been hit by a car as she rushed across the highway in her efforts to find higher ground. Dhara is one of thousands of wild animals stricken by the deadly monsoon season we’re experiencing in the northeast Indian state of Assam.

I may have already seen hundreds of baby elephants, but seeing our International Fund for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Trust of India veterinarians taking an x-ray image of an elephant calf was truly a rare sight.

Dhara is now being cared for at IFAW’s Wildlife Rescue Center in the outskirts of Kaziranga National Park. The x-ray showed that Dhara is suffering from a knee dislocation on her left front leg.

She is about eight months old, and was found alone.

We believe she was displaced from her herd during the floods in the park.

An iron-reinforced cast was fixed on her leg to immobilize the joint for the next 21 days. The vets at the Center will review the wound after the stipulated time to see the progress.

In the meantime the calf is being looked after by the vets, animal keepers and two volunteers from the UK. They provide the calf with milk nine times a day and a healthy dose of food supplements.

Dhara pokes her head out of the nursery building. Credit: IFAW/S.BararuahDhara is very active despite the pain in her leg. She always keeps on exploring the enclosure and tries to climb up to the window to peep through and see if there is someone out there with food. And when the food comes she starts shouting out impatiently.

She looks awfully cute throwing baby tantrums to her keepers.

Even though she’s just a little calf, I felt that it was an elephantine task to tranquilize it, transport it to the center’s clinic, X ray her and fit an iron cast on her leg.

Now we’re all waiting for the 21st day of treatment when the vets will remove the cast to see the progress. I hope she regains her strength and is able to walk freely soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dhara coming soon. Many have asked how they can help support our efforts, and you can do so by donating here.


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5 years ago

Good news Dhara is doing well. Thank you for the job you are all doing.

5 years ago

thank to people she has loving and caring !!!! thank for good jobs!thank exist people beautiful! beaty caring , DHARA!

5 years ago

What a wonderful story ... and what a great job you guys are doing at AFAW ... Congratulations!!

5 years ago

greet thats so nice from your side.. we need more people like you to make a better world! many people destroyed our world and our animals.. they a part of ous and i dont understand the mankind. thank god that you exist... good job guys..

5 years ago

Bless Dhara. Thank god she has such loving and caring people around her. Can't wait to see her progres. God bless you all :)

5 years ago

God bless you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) you have done excellent job,
Hats off to you man!

Jyotirmay Pathak

5 years ago

I shall stay tuned.

5 years ago

Děláte velmi záslužnou práci, vážím si vás proto co děláte.

5 years ago

Great people doing great thinhs!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

The work IFAW does for animals is truly magnificent.This is why I made a small donation a while back towards the treatment of Dhara.I'm British but live in Greece on a tiny island called Amorgos where there is great ignorance towards the treatment of animals and do my best to do rescue work together with a couple of friends on as many cases of abandoned,neglected or injured animals as we can.However,my financial situation is dire as I only earn approximately 400 e a month( barely enough to cover basic cost of food etc for the rescued animals and my petrol to get to them let alone survive on it)and therefore I am not in a position right now to make a further donation but will gladly do so as soon as and if we get through the current crisis in Greece. I congratulate and hold great respect for all involved in rescue missions worldwide and in particular all those running IFAW in every needy corner of this wonderful planet.I will definitely support this Fund in future.

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