State vets help CLAW project sterilise 50 dogs

CLAW Sterilise

Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), the International Fund for Animal Welfare project in South Africa, has had challenges providing sterilisations for township animals since the tragic passing of Dr Saskia Karius.

Therefore, it brought a huge sense of gratitude when CLAW director Cora Bailey received an offer from the Gauteng State Veterinary Services to spend two days at the Durban Deep clinic, doing sterilisations.

Cora had another commitment that week, so CLAW’s veterinary nurse, Sister Angela Voyiatzakis, agreed to plan the event with the State veterinarians.

Last month, a fleet of vehicles - including two large and fully equipped mobile clinics - roared through the gates early in the morning, and within a very short time, gazebos were set up, equipment was laid out (including a generator which wasn’t needed, thanks to CLAW’s new solar power), and the team of veterinarians were ready to roll.

Each day, there were about eight to 11 community service veterinarians at work, assisted not only by senior veterinarians employed by the Gauteng Veterinary Service, but also by Dr Eric Mimbo and Dr Blessing Chiriseri, on loan from the Mdzananda clinic.

For the first time this year, South Africa’s newly graduated veterinarians are required to do a year of community service before embarking on a career in the private or public sector.

This CLAW event showed the wonderful benefits of injecting so much enthusiasm into the State Service!

The word went out to community members, and there were dogs aplenty on the clinic property waiting for the sterilisations. All went smoothly – except for one sad case on day two.

A female dog came in with a severe case of TVT, orcanine transmissible venereal tumour. This sexually transmitted disease is yet another reason to have your dog neutered.

As Sister Angela said, “The awful thing is that she probably wouldn’t have gotten TVT if she’d been spayed earlier.”

Amid lots of cheerful chatter - and ably assisted by CLAW staff such as veterinary nurse Sister Maidei Musingarabwi, Cedric Majakwara and Freedom Ndlovu - the surgery was a success.

On day one, 30 dogs were sterilised, and on day two, the total rose to a full 53 animals. We deem it a success that these animals will not continue the cycle of unplanned puppies that suffer further illness, malnutrition and homelessness.It was an excellent two days’ work. The Gauteng Veterinary Service will always be welcome at CLAW!


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