Scholarships make dreams of pursuing education in Kenya come true

 Scholarship recipient Paul Sankau Sainepune explains that he will be using the IFAW scholarship to attend Mount Kenya University and study tourism.

The Amboseli Elephant Project of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has embarked on an ambitious objective to educate at least 66 bright but needy students of the Olgulului/Olalalarshi Group Ranch (OOGR) through high school, college or university education over a four-year period.

The scholarship will cover tuition fees, the students’ course materials, accommodations, travel costs where applicable, and a modest amount of spending money.

Of the 41 who have been thus far chosen, 13 are in university, 6 are studying Education at Diploma level, 3 are studying Health Studies in college, 8 are studying for Diplomas in Wildlife Management and 11 are in secondary school. Student identification, selection and verification are on-going for the slots yet to be filled, with hopes of filling them within the course of 2015.

Paul Sankau Sainepune, a member of the OOGR who has three siblings—one brother and two sisters, explains the importance of the scholarship:

“My parents are not financially well-off and they struggled to see us through school. I only got through high school through the support of the Group Ranch and help from the Kenya government through the Constituency Development Fund.

“When I completed high school in 2011, I attained an average B grade. However due to financial constraints I could not go further with my studies into university. This was until I was offered the IFAW sponsorship.

This scholarship will make my dreams come true.  I am undertaking a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Travel and Tourism at the Mount Kenya University.

“I will give back by excelling in my studies and making the tourism industry the best it can be.”


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