A roundup of our work after Nepal’s two devastating earthquakes

The death toll following the two devastating earthquakes in Nepal has reached 8,635 with over 300 people, including 89 foreigners, still missing, according to an article in the Economic Times a week ago.

The overall damage is estimated to be at about $10 billion, according to the Nepal government—nearly half of its gross domestic product (GDP) of $19.2 billion. Research firm IHS Global Insights has estimated the cost for rebuilding homes, roads and bridges alone could run up to $5 billion.

Last month was a challenging one for our Disaster Response teams and partners, but not nearly as challenging as it’s been for the people and animals of Nepal.

Here are some highlights of the work we’ve done and the blogs and videos we’ve posted while we were deployed there:

1. Our team started reviewing what was known about the first earthquake even before the call from Worldwide Veterinary Service came in and then jumped into action…

Disaster Response team readies to assess and help animals in Nepal

2. In an ironic twist of fate, IFAW’s Animal Rescue Communications Officer Michael Booth was already in Nepal!

Surviving Nepal's earthquake, a first-hand account

3. In times of horrific human suffering, we’re often asked where animals fall on the scale of priorities, our CEO Azzedine Downes took this chance to spell out how we feel about this issue…

Why taking care of animals in Nepal, or any disaster, matters

4. The IFAW Animal Rescue Disaster Response Team arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal on Friday, May 1, and began assessing the needs of the local animals.

Animal rescue team assesses animal needs in Nepal

5.  In a truly hopeful moment, Brian Sharp, Animal Rescue Manager of our Marine Mammal Rescue and Research division made a dramatic discovery and helped ferry an injured dog toward recovery…

Animal Rescue team in Nepal still encountering dogs left crippled, suffering

6. Then, amazingly our own Animal Rescue Program Officer, Kelly Donithan was administering IV therapy to a cow when the second 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck just outside of Kathmandu…

Holding a helpless, injured cow, I survived the second quake in Nepal


Your support of our life-saving efforts helps animals on the ground and gives hope to people who cherish them in these desperate situations. Donate now to continue our work in places like Nepal.

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Senior Program Advisor
Senior Program Advisor
Brian Sharp, Emergency Relief Officer, Stranding Coordinator
Manager, Marine Mammal Rescue and Research
Céline Sissler-Bienvenu, Director, France and Francophone Africa
Director, France and Francophone Africa
IFAW Veterinarian
Katie Moore, Deputy Vice President, Conservation and Animal Welfare
Deputy Vice President, Conservation and Animal Welfare
Loïs Lelanchon, Animal Rescue Program Officer
Animal Rescue Program Officer
Shannon Walajtys
Manager, Animal Rescue-Disasters
Vivek Menon, Director of IFAW partner, Wildlife Trust of India
Consulting Senior Advisor to the CEO on Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy