Rehabilitated Amur tiger Zolushka has shed her tracking collar

After three and a half years of wearing a sturdy leather collar equipped with a radio transmitter, Zolushka is free from the encumbrance.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) recently received this news from Bastak Nature Reserve, where Zolushka and her two now one-plus-year-old cubs reside. According to the paw prints from recent monitoring expeditions, the tiger family is still holding together.

The collar was put on the tigress in 2013 before her release in order to track her movements. It served its purpose well, as have the collars on the other rehabilitated tigers we have reintegrated to the wild in Far East Russia. It helped us track her for an entire year.

We never depended solely on the radio transmitter for tracking. Currently there are 56 camera traps in Bastak, 20 of which were provided by IFAW. And expeditions to the reserve can still monitor the family’s movements by paw prints.


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