Now is the time to protect Antarctic waters

This Antarctic Ocean Alliance video featues actor Ed Norton & oceanographer Sylvia Earle who speak specifically to the to the problem Antarctic waters face. 

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is joining forces with several other conservation organizations to send a message to the Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

It’s not really surprising that most people are unfamiliar with CCAMLR. Representatives from the 24 countries plus the European Union who make up CCAMRL meet, with virtually no public participation and no media access. This fact concerns me and my peers around the world.

This coming October, as part of a commitment to set up marine protected areas, the CCAMLR begins debating what parts of the waters around Antarctica – making up almost 10% of the world’s oceans, will actually be protected.

Too often decisions are made about environmental protection without input from the public, but the high seas belong to everyone and many of us feel a strong need to see this frozen part of the world left as it is…pristine. 

As home to almost 10,000 diverse and unique species including penguins, seals, whales, toothfish and albatross, this is one of the most untouched ocean environments left on Earth and worth preserving.

CCAMLR has a window of opportunity to demonstrate bold leadership in protecting Antarctica's oceans, much like the Antarctic Treaty protected her land in 1991. And delegates will need some convincing if they are to do the right thing for marine protection.

They will need to make some courageous decisions about fisheries management regulations for those operating in the region. 

We can't let short-term economic interests override what is in the best interests of everyone -- healthy oceans. 

Last year, 15 environmental organisations including IFAW, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and celebrity supporters including actor and UN Biodiversity Ambassador Edward Norton, Sylvia Earle and Richard Branson came together to form the Antarctic Ocean Alliance.

Along with the Alliance, IFAW is calling for the world's largest network of fully protected marine reserves in the ocean around Antarctica. Most importantly, we’ll need the backing of the international public, people like you, if we are to be successful.

We are asking people to Join the Watch of CCAMLR and sign a petition to show support for large-scale Antarctic marine protection.

Action is needed if we are to convince CCAMLR to make the right decision to protect key habitats from fisheries stock depletion and over-development.

Join the Alliance, join the watch now at and tell other concerned friends and family to join you!


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6 years ago

Hello Isabel - nice story and nice to see your photo! It's been way too long. Tks for supporting our launch of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance! B

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