Huge donation for the Berlin Tiertafel by pet food manufacturer Almo Nature

Today the doors are open at the Berlin Tiertafel Food & Veterinary Clinic, which is a food bank for pets of people with small income. As the Easter holidays are approaching, the Tiertafel Clinic will be distributing pet food for four weeks instead of the usual two weeks.

Tiertafel clients are queuing outside the building when I arrive. Many of them have brought their dogs and are waiting patiently in the grim and icy Berlin spring weather.

I have never seen the place so crowded. 

Thus Almo Nature‘s big donation of pet food comes at exactly the right time!

Almo Nature is a manufacturer of pet foods, IFAW has been co-operating with them for a while already.

Now Almo Nature donated 2,5 tons of high -uality cat & dog food which IFAW is handing on to the Berlin Tiertafel e.V.. Almo’s “Love Food” mainly consists of natural ingredients, some of them even in organic quality.

I suppose the four-legged Tiertafel clients are really looking forward to this!

Bags of pet food are stacked in the corridor, one of the Tiertafel volunteers in a wheelchair has to turn and go back home – there is not enough space for wheelchair access. Tiertafel volunteers are fetching pet food with wheelbarrows, supplying the two counters. The stacks in the corridor are diminishing rapidly.

Tiertafel’s clients would do anything for their pets – if they can somehow afford it. Many of them have lost their jobs, their health or sometimes even all hope – only their pet keeping up their connection to life and the society, needing their love and affection but also food and sometimes a vet.

Our partner, the Berlin Tiertafel takes care of the food side, IFAW supplies for the vet. As the association of the Tiertafel was just founded newly and they are still in the middle of organizing everything, they do have shortages in pet food now and again, in such cases IFAW steps in.

You can hardly imagine people‘s gratefulness and happiness.

For a lot of them it is not easy to come to the Tiertafel and ask for pet food – admitting at the same time that they are not able to provide for their cat or dog by themselves. But parting with their pets is not an option as those animals are often regarded as a family member – it would break their hearts. 

Those pets play an important role for a growing number of people in our society.

They break the isolation which arises when people lose their job. The animals force their owners to leave the flat, keep contact to other people, they ask for them to take over responsibility and give the day some structure. This is one of the reasons for IFAW helping the Tiertafel. Our partner organization, as well as IFAW itself, depends on donations.

We are really grateful when big companies like Almo Nature support us so generously.

The counters are being closed for the day, someone is washing the floors – all those sacks of pet food have disappeared. The entire Almo Nature delivery – except for about 100 kilograms of kibble – has been distributed to Berlin Tiertafel clients.

Now we can be sure that those cats and dogs won’t go hungry during the coming weeks – and that they may celebrate Easter with extra fine and healthy food!


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