Elephants, Never Forget in the United Arab Emirates

This post was filed by Mada Oha, our adminisrative staff person here in the Dubai. --EM

In January, the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Middle East and North Africa launched the Animal Action Education programme “Elephants, Never Forget.”

The programme, which highlights elephant welfare and conservation, reached 20,000 students in grades four and five. The main point of the “Elephants Never Forget” program is to motivate young people to take positive action for elephants. Our office, which is in Dubai, has gotten a lot of positive feedback from teachers, students and parents.

A teaching guide, lesson book and an educational movie in Arabic were included in the program. There was also an art competition and a good many of the students submitted pictures. I’m really looking forward to the winners’ ceremony in May after the Ministry of Education selects the art contest winners. It was gratifying to me that the UAE Ministry of Education reviewed and approved our educational materials for use in government and private schools.

What really made the programme work was that we had the enthusiastic support of teachers like Fatima Hamdan Al-Mazroui and Khadeejah Humaid Al-Mazroui, who are science teachers at the Othan School for Primary Education in Ras Al-Khaimah. They organized and led the “Elephants, Never Forget” workshop in their school. 

Fatima Al-Mazouri told me that everyone from grade four and five enjoyed the two-day workshop. The students participated in arts and crafts, painting, coloring, reading and other activities.

Khadeejah Al-Mazroui told me the “Elephants, Never Forget” theme was fun for her students and helped them to learn a lot about elephants, habitat and challenges that threaten elephants today.

-- MO

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