Dogs in Cyprus get much needed help

Dogs at the Nicosia Dog Shelter were happy to receive much needed food.Last week, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) wired an emergency disaster grant to our local partner Cyprus Voice for Animals.

Marie Anastasi, who is President of Cyprus Voice for Animals, was able to confirm to two suppliers that they could go ahead and deliver the badly needed food to shelters where many animals were facing hunger.

In the last few days, food was delivered to more than 500 dogs and cats in the Nicosia Dog Shelter and the Cat Protecting Society (both situated in the capital of Cyprus), in the Argos Sanctuary in Larnaka, and in the Sirius Dog Sanctuary in Limassol.

Later this week, food will reach another four shelters affected by the recent financial crisis.

As indicated by staff and volunteers in the kennels, and as you can see from the photo, all shelters were relieved to receive the much-needed food to feed their animals in the weeks to come.

IFAW continues to work with Cyprus Voice for Animals to assess additional unmet animal needs resulting from this crisis.

Once again, IFAW is thankful to its numerous supporters for their incredibly generous reaction and help during these difficult times for animals in Cyprus.


Your support allows our work to continue.

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