Dr. Ralf (Perry) Sonntag, Country Director, Germany

Dr. Ralf (Perry) Sonntag

Country Director, Germany

Using his extensive experience in international animal welfare and protection, Perry leads the IFAW Germany office’s team of 15 staff in actively campaigning in the ongoing effort to fight international whaling and to end the seal hunt in Canada. Most recently Perry and his team played an important role in the ban on the sale of seal products in the EU.

Perry’s team was also active in the successful campaign to improve companion animal welfare within the EU through the Written Declaration standardizing humane dog population management in all member states. Perry has served on several of the International Whaling Commission’s meetings  and was a participant in the documentary film Shark Quest Arabia which was previewed at CITES Convention of the Parties 15. He was also scientific advisor for the German TV-Eco Thriller “Das Geheimnis der  Wale” ("The Secret of Whales"). He is a member of the juries for the CMS Thesis Award and the Success for Future Award.

Within Germany, Perry’s team is working on education programs in areas where wolves have recently returned, in an effort to dispel myths and help people to peacefully coexist with these top predators.  Having been successfully involved in the creation of a small cetacean sanctuary in the North Sea, Perry continues to work for further protection of the endangered harbor porpoises of the North and Baltic Seas.

• Scientist, German Small Cetacean Project, University of Kiel
• Former member, Scientific Committee, International Whaling Commission (IWC)
• Member, Advisory Committee, Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic and North Seas (ASCOBANS)
• Marine Campaigner and Media Representative, Greenpeace Germany
• Campaigns Director, Vier Pfoten, Germany


• PhD. Marine Biology, University of Bremen, Germany

• Author or coauthor of several scientific papers and other articles.
• Coauther of the book: “Tauchsport Sonderbrevet: Meeresbiologie” (Marine biology for divers)

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