Shannon Walajtys

Shannon Walajtys

Manager, Animal Rescue-Disasters


As the Animal Rescue Program’s Disaster Response Manager, Shannon oversees IFAW’s work with animals affected by man-made and natural disasters around the world.

Between active responses, Shannon oversees the IFAW Emergency Relief Network (ERN).  ERNs are regional or country based networks of animal rescue organizations who share our mission to help animals in crisis. The ERN increases local capacity and capabilities to prepare for and respond to disasters using standardized best practices, hands-on site specific training, and emergency grants to support unmet needs.

Shannon manages at least 15 responses each year around the globe. She continues to represent IFAW on the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC) Executive Committee after her tenure as Chair, Chair-Elect and Past Chair. Several times a year she enjoys the chance to guest lecture at local veterinary schools and collaborate with professionals at conferences worldwide.

Before taking on the role of Disaster Response Manager, Shannon was the Animal Rescue Disaster Response Program Officer, developing IFAW’s relationships with local, state and national organizations in areas of the U.S. most prone to disasters.


Animal Rescue Disaster Response Program Officer, IFAW

Mass Disaster Victim Identification Team Member, Kenyon International

Chief Operating Officer, Complete Consultants Worldwide

Operations Lead, Lockheed Martin, USA

Certified Latent Print Examiner, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, USA



Master of Science, Forensic Science, University of New Haven, USA

Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice, University of Georgia, USA