Patrick Ramage

Director – Marine Conservation

We make oceans safer and healthier without disrupting the livelihoods of people who depend on it. 

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Our work with the Norwegian tourism industry will help stop commercial whaling.

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Stop Commercial Whaling

Patrick Ramage has advised major companies and testified before the United States Congress, all with one goal in mind: to rescue whales.

Under his leadership, IFAW has been at the forefront of worldwide efforts to reduce ocean noise, mitigate disruptive shipping routes, and end commercial whaling.  Patrick has helped call out indefensible whaling practices in Iceland, Norway and Japan, and helped shift petroleum company construction in Russia away from the Western Gray Whale’s nursing grounds. By maintaining strategic partnerships and open dialogues with leading scientists, government officials, industry executives, media representatives, mariners, fishermen, and shipping organizations, Patrick is advancing practical solutions to the most urgent threats against whales.

Patrick has worked with IFAW for more than two decades, leading more than a dozen delegations to the International Whaling Commission. He has represented IFAW at the Arctic Council, and the World Trade Organization, and served as an NGO delegate to the UN Conference on Environment and Development, and the UN Conference on Population and Development. Early in his career, Patrick completed Survival, Evasion, Resistance to Interrogation and Escape (SERE) training with the British Special Air Service (SAS).


Director of Public Affairs, IFAW United States

Director, Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE) United States

Senior Policy Analyst, MBD Inc. United States

Russian and German Linguist, U.S. Army Military Intelligence


Bachelor of Arts, Government and Politics University of Maryland, United States

Basic Russian Defense Language Institute, United States

Distinguished Honor Graduate, Advanced German Foreign Language Training Center, Munich, Germany


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