Iceland's Kills First Fin Whale

I just arrived back from Hvalfjörður filming the whaling boat bringing two fin whales to the whaling station. I went with a cameraman and a photographer from Morgunblaðið and a journalist.

Whales _ Iceland _ Sigursteinn Másson005 copy

The helicopter came and met us near the mouth of the fjord at 3am. The helecopter we were supposed to get was not available but that was Ok. The whaling boat was already in the fjord so we quickly got the photographer on board. We spent more time having the cameraman on board.

The weather was quite rough with strong wind so we could not follow the boat in the helecopter all the way to the station. There was no time or chance to do a proper stand up either but we drove to the whaling station and I drove through the open gate after another car. 


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