Upcoming Intersessional Meeting Of The International Whaling Commission

Next week the Intersession Meeting Of The International Whaling Commission convenes in London. Discussion at this meeting will revolve around how to get beyond the stalemate between pro-whaling nations and nations that support conservation of the worlds whales.  An initiative supported by American IWC Chairman, Bill Hogarth, is to propose a compromise which will end the moratorium on commercial whaling established in 1986.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of problems with this proposal. Not only will whales be killed, but it will easily allow other nations to once again begin whaling.  One only needs to look at the disrespect for the current international regulation banning whaling to get an idea of how new regulations may be observed.  The current moratorium has been broken by Japan for years, will a proposed compromise to allow whaling  lead to observance of any new regulations?  Doubtful.

IFAW is working around the world to ensure no deal is made that allows for the commercial hunting of large whales. We're lobbying governments around the world to oppose whaling, and we continue to expose the continuing inaccurate information purported by pro-whaling nations.

Over the coming days I'll bring you more news from the intersessional meeting the minute it develops, stay tuned!

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