"Is this thing on?" Tap Tap Tap.

Ifaw_space_002_002 So...this is J.C. Bouvier, IFAW's Online Community Coordinator,...I'm about to host an informative event in Second Life, which (although I didn't realize it at the time) is the offical launch of our seal campaign for 2007. 

Check out our space on Progressive Island.  128, 144, 25

Many things surrounding the Canadian seal hunt will be talked about, debated, and viewed over the next few weeks...but what strikes me as most important as we get into it...is the importance of civility in the conversation...the respect for the views of all sides and the willingness to understand why someone would make certain choices they believe to be correct.

I'm looking forward to travelling to Canada, to having these discussions and to making as much of IFAW's collective experience available to everyone with an Internet connection...and who don't get a chance to experience these on the ground campaigns first hand.

Anyway, I better eat something or my Daisey Meadowbrook (IFAW's SL avatar) will pass out cold during the preso! ;)

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