Photo of Week: Mongolian Vulture Ready For the Wild Again

We are excited to introduce a new feature on the Animal Rescue blog today: Photo of Week. IFAW employees around the world are hard at work everyday rescuing orphaned, injured, or mistreated animals. We hope this new weekly feature will give you a glimpse into this aspect of IFAW's daily operations.


IFAW employees at the Raptor Rescue Center in Beijing, China recently rescued this vulture in the outskirts of the city. This particular bird had been tagged by the Mongolian Ornithological Laboratory in Ulaan Baatar, hundreds of miles away. Exhausted and dehydrated when found by the IFAW staff, it has since been nursed back to health and is ready to be released back into the wild. IFAW's Beijing operation treats just over 300 raptors a year representing over 32 different species including cinereous vultures, golden eagle, white-tailed sea eagle, Eurasian eagle owls, saker falcons, peregrine falcons.

Watch the Animal Rescue Blog later this month for more about this particular Mongolian vulture.

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11 years ago

Where are you going to release the vulture ? Are they currently in danger in Mongolie

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