More than 65,000 Say "NO!" to Caribbean Whaling!

In the video above, Kelvin Alie, a native of Dominica and IFAW's special assistant to the director of Wildlife and Habitat Protection speaks about his home island and IFAW's call for Carribean nations to support the whale watching trade for tourists instead of the cruel and unecessary hunting of whales.

Harpoon_1 More than 65,000 say no to Caribbean commercial whaling! The numbers were tallied just last week and the total is remarkable:

"The message is clear; offering whale meat up on a platter will not entice tourists to come here, and indeed may have the opposite effect in keeping tourists away. This is certain to have a negative impact on the image of the islands of the Eastern Caribbean as destination spots for eco-tourism." - Dr. Joth Singh, IFAW's Director of Wildlife and Habitat Protection.

Also this week a video on You Tube surfaced of a young girl pleading to the Japanese whaling captain to turn his ship around, demonstrating that the world's new generation is deeply concerned for the welfare of whales.

Moving into a new year, IFAW commends the 90 countries and territories worldwide that have already created responsible whale watching operations. Animals and people both do better when whales are seen and not hurt :)

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6 years ago

i think whales should be hunted just like every other animal on the planet!! if they werent they would over populate!!!! get a grip you guys

9 years ago

Whale hunters are murderer and are sick and cruel people. who ever could enjoy killing whale are stupud. i am 15 just think about it how would you feel getting shot with a harpoon and then your inside explode. Its sick we dont have the right to decide what lives and what dies its not fair leave them alone. I never thought people would be so cruel and selfish. people in the future will be dprived of whales and may not even know what one is. STOP KILLING WHALES HAVE A HEART!

10 years ago

hi i think whaling should it is unhuman

11 years ago

it is very cruel to kill whales and other animal for our own pleasure.

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