Ending cruelty and abuse of dogs and cats around the world

It is a tragic reality that many dogs and cats around the world are suffering from cruelty and abuse.

Companion animals depend upon humans to ensure their well-being, but whether through malice or ignorance, dogs and cats can often suffer the result of human actions.Without education or understanding of animal needs, owners can directly or indirectly be the cause of a number of problems, including:

  • animal cruelty and abuse
  • the spread of deadly animal-borne diseases
  • homeless puppies and kittens
  • the danger of bites or attacks on other individuals in their community.

IFAW recognizes the importance of education and outreach in the prevention of cruelty to dogs and cats, helping to raise the standards by which people care for their animals. Our work includes:

  • Developing programs for children that reinforce compassionate care for animals
  • Working one-on-one with dog and cat owners to teach them how to care for their animals
  • Developing education materials that promote the vital building blocks of good animal care.

With a number of projects on the ground, our Companion Animals Programme promotes more compassionate care for dogs and cats. Efforts such as the Puppy Adoption Program on the Navajo Nation, and the re-homing of unwanted animals through our projects in Canada and South Africa are just some of the ways in which we’re educating animal owners.

We also support “Paws for Kids” in the United Kingdom, protecting animals and those who love them from domestic violence.

Through all these projects and more, we provide a compassionate alternative to animal abandonment, and show people that their dogs and cats are valuable members of their communities.

Importantly, however, we understand that this work must consider the well being of animals and people together. We work hard to engage individuals in ways that resonate for a lifetime and empower them to keep their animals healthy, happy, and safe.

IFAW is committed to spreading the message of compassion and responsible animal care through our projects and throughout the world. To learn more about some of our specific education and outreach efforts, please visit:

Cape Town: Solutions for pets of the poor
Northern Canada: Providing veterinary care in remote Cree communities
United Kingdom – Protecting pets from domestic violence