Амурских тигров спасают, но популяция по-прежнему под угрозой.

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Sep 27 2014

Международный фонд защиты животных (IFAW) в 12-й раз  участвует в намеченном на 28-е сентября Дне Тигра во Владивостоке.

WATCH: How the Maasai community is making the Amboseli elephant corridor project a success

Oct 3 2014

The Maasai of the Olgulului/Ololarashi Group Ranch (OOGR) have rallied behind the Kitenden Corridor project of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

They showed up in unprecedented numbers to the historic signing of an accord last year that would set aside their lands so that the local migrating elephants could more easily traverse them.

Behaving can be fun

Oct 3 2014
Behaving can be fun

Another day in the office for Safari.

In the second installment of the IPAW Doggy Diaries series, my dog Safari gives us an overview of her recent experience of dog school. 

Safari – lives with Supporter Relations Manager, Naomi Schofield

Celebrating the expansion of educational offerings on World Animal Day

Oct 4 2014
Celebrating the expansion of educational offerings on World Animal Day

Download IFAW Climate Change & Animals materials using the link below.When I was younger, I pored over volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica to peer into animal worlds that I could not experience personally. The knowledge I gained formed a lifelong appreciation for nature and the animals that live within it.

48 heures pour sauver les animaux : Patrick Mboma apporte son soutien à IFAW

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Oct 3 2014

Ancien international de football d'origine camerounaise et Ambassadeur de Bonne Volonté de la CEEAC (Communauté Économique des États de l'Afrique Centrale) pour la lutte anti-braconnage, M. Patrick Mboma apporte son soutien à IFAW (Fonds international pour la protection des animaux) qui se mobilise durant tout ce week end à l’occasion de la journée mondiale des animaux.

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Reims, France
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Press Contact: 
Julie Landry (communication IFAW)
Angèle Minyem (communication Patrick MBOMA)
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+336 12 36 40 07
+336 07 84 68 76

Stuffed in pants, suitcases, and other places: the Illegal U.S. reptile trade remains alive and well

Oct 2 2014
The illegal U.S. reptile trade still thrives.

Turtles, like these sunning themselves by a pool of murky water, continue to be trafficking targets. © IFAW/P. BronsteinRecently, Kai Xu – also known as “Turtle Man” – was apprehended at the Canadian border. His crime?