Through the Internet, Students from all over Latin America will be able to help Improve Animal Welfare

Friday, 7 March, 2008
Mexico City, Mexico
Help Networks is designed so that junior high school students (between the ages of 12 and 15) can get to know the main threats facing animals all over the world, become sensitized to respect, and understand the social, environmental and ecological importance of animal welfare.
“The vision of putting the study of content into a context of real life situations and going beyond the school environment, by relating it to matters of lasting relevance to the students, has been at the core of School Network’s collaborative projects; today, the new project Help Networks concretely brings together the interactions between living beings and the environment, and offers the students a chance to do research, analysis and take action as critical and supportive citizens with an international perspective, taking advantage of the valuable support of IFAW,” explained Patricia Cabrera Muñoz, Academic Director of the School Network.
“At IFAW, we are convinced that educational projects are essential to achieve our mission of improving the welfare of the animals around the world. By joining forces with institutions specializing in education at a distance, like ILCE, we can reach more schools and students, and thus have a greater impact in favor of animals and people,” said Beatriz Bugeda, Director of IFAW Latin America.
As the final activity of the project, the students will make a poster or pamphlet to help IFAW in its efforts to stop the illegal trade in wild fauna. The most representative works will be available on IFAW’s web site, so that people from all over Latin America can print them and join the cause.

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