Where is sea turtle #1306?

The author helping turtle #727 with its rehabilitation. This post was filed by Belinda Rubinstein, one of our IFAW Marine Mammal Rescue and Research responders that helped care for turtles rescued during an unprecedented sea turtle cold stunning event. -- KP

I have worked in the marine animal rehabilitation field for over 15 years at various institutions in Massachusetts, but this is the first year I had an opportunity to walk the beaches of Cape Cod in search of stranded sea turtles. Earlier this week I volunteered with Mass Audubon and New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance on the lookout for sea turtles needing help during the Nor'easter.

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The winds were fierce and the waves were high and we did not have much hope that we would find any turtles alive.

During the walk, I was lucky enough to find a live sea turtle (Audubon # 1306). The next day, I was deployed to the New England Aquarium (NEAq) as a clinician to help care for all the endangered sea turtles that needed medical treatment.  

As I was working I was keeping my eye out for #1306, a challenge given that each turtle receives a new number specific to the Aquarium for medical case tracking. I matched the two numbers late in the day and found out that the turtle I rescued from the beach the day before, Audubon #1306, was now NEAq #727. 

The turtle was sick and debilitated but very much alive!  

Watch the operation overview video of this rescue effort above. -- ED

How gratifying it was to rescue one of these endangered turtles from the beach and then be able to assist with its' care at NEAq, a special experience indeed and one I will cherish.

Helping to save as many of these endangered sea turtles throughout this event and contributing to their population in some small way is essential work.  

I hope to continue to follow #727 throughout its rehabilitation, and hopefully there will be a positive outcome to this animals' future.


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