WATCH: A day in the life of a mobile veterinary clinic

IFAW’s local partner in Playa del Carmen, Coco’s Animal Welfare is taking steps every day to make changes in the lives of animals and people in their community.

Check out this video which captures a day in the life of Coco’s and the Mobile Unit – while it might be a regular day, it’s still amazing!

A typical day for the staff at Coco’s involves piling into a truck filled with empty cages at 7:30am and driving a half hour or so to a remote neighborhood where they then talk with local community members about their needs for their companion animals.

The team fills the truck with animals in need of sterilization, deworming, and other treatments, and returns them to the clinic for treatment. By the end of the day, once the animals have recovered from surgery, the team is once again loading the truck and heading back out to bring the animals home.

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Coco’s offers spay and neuter and other basic veterinary services for free, which helps impoverished communities, like Invasores, get their animals the care they need. The mobile unit has allowed the team at Coco’s to reach more people in further away places – people who might otherwise have nowhere to turn for veterinary services.

In order to expand their impact, the team often returns to the same areas on a regular basis. One of their primary goals is to facilitate conversation about Adequate Guardianship and good welfare for companion animals.

Coco’s is expanding the horizon for better access to information and veterinary services, and for good animal welfare in Playa del Carmen, one animal and one owner at a time.


For more information about our efforts in Mexico, visit our project page.

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