Share your passion for wildlife this Earth Day

AAE Connect on Earth Day

"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.” (Ancient proverb)

Today, Earth Day 2016, one billion people will participate in some kind of Earth Day activity – from art projects, public talks and photography exhibitions, to nature hikes and candlelit dinners.

One billion people are celebrating our planet!

Imagine if we could combine all that imagination, knowledge and energy, and turn this single day of celebration into action to protect the Earth every day.

At the International Fund for Animal Welfare, we believe that if we can connect young people, who are innately passionate, tenacious and ingenious, and provide them with the right tools, technology and information, we can empower them to change things for the better.

In March of this year we launched our new online, multilingual classroom collaboration space – AAE Connect. Designed especially for educators and students, ages 5-14, as part of our globally proven Animal Action Education Program, AAE Connect does just that – it connects classrooms, teachers and students around the world.

For our Earth Day 2016 AAE Connect project, we borrowed the theme from World Wildlife Day – The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands, and provided an Animal Action Education resource kit with ideas on how to participate.

So far, school children in India, the UK, Canada, the United States, China and Kenya connected virtually through AAE Connect by sharing their unique creative expressions of this theme. A selection of the artwork is shown here and illustrates just how passionate these children are to protect wildlife now and for the future.

Our ability to positively shape the future depends on how successful we are in preparing tomorrow’s leaders for the world they will inherit.

As the saying goes, from little things big things grow. We are so excited by this small but powerful start to the projects on AAE Connect, and look forward to building this online, global community to help educators engage and harness the power and creativity of youth.


Join AAE Connect to take part in a project or create your own and start connecting with other teachers and classrooms around the world. 


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