RUSSIA UPDATE: Tiger Filippa healthy, nourished, learning skills to survive in the wild

Filippa was weighed, measured, and her blood was taken for testing.Critics claimed that orphaned wild tigers could never be rehabilitated and reintroduced to the wild.

With PRNCO Tiger Center project darling Zolushka giving birth to cubs late last year, and reports that fellow rehabbed tigers Borya and Svetlaya may be expecting cubs of their own, we have made huge strides in proving them wrong.

At the beginning of this year, we welcomed to the center another female tiger cub, who was eventually named Filippa.

Over the last six months she has flourished in her large enclosure, learning how to survive throughout the winter and eventually hunting on her own.

Recently, we anesthetized her for a routine veterinary exam. The now 9- or 10-month-old Filippa was weighed, measured, and her blood was taken for testing. She is now 60 kg, which means she eats very well!

Her teeth were checked. Her milk teeth are almost out and replaced with secondary dentition. The only remaining milk teeth are her fangs.

After the veterinary examination, she was moved to a new enclosure, previously used by a leopard.

Filippa in her new enclosure.This enclosure has a more complex space, with various elements of environmental enrichment. A large hunting enclosure is adjacent to the main one, where Filippa will be preparing for her future life in the wild.

We celebrate Fillipa’s progress on this International Tiger Day. To read past blogs about her (especially to see how much she has grown!) click on any of the following:

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