A plethora of puppies!

CLAW Puppies

Walk into International Fund for Animal Welfare partner Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) on any given day, and you are likely to find an abundance of puppies – puppies brought in with a mother dog who’s ill or starving, abandoned puppies rescued by CLAW, and of course, the puppies who arrive in streams through the main gate, brought by their owners (often young children) for attention.

Many suffer from diarrhoea, a common condition when the food they get is not high quality due to the poverty of the owners. Others are here to get their first vaccinations or tick and flea treatment.

If CLAW could afford to do massive sterilisation campaigns across the West Rand townships, there would be fewer puppies and healthier dogs; but it has to be admitted that the little ones tumbling on the grass or cuddled in an owner’s arms are a delight!


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