Monsoon floods bring elephant calves to the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center in India!

When it rains, it pours! This elephant calf is one of six stranded by monsoon floods and under the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center’s care in Kaziranga. Torrential rains heralding the week also brought in yet another elephant calf to the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Center in Kaziranga, India bringing up the total number of calves under care to six.

The monsoon rains have poured since August in Kaziranga! Watch this September video about earlier wildlife rescue efforts.

The newcomer is a one and half month old female, brought to us from the Daboka Reserve Forest on Monday night.

Officials from the Assam Forest Department reported that the patrolling staff heard the calf trumpeting early in the morning of the 22nd of September.

This area is part of the hilly landscape in the reserve forest. On following her call, the forest search team found the solitary elephant calf wedged in a small ditch between two rocks in the hillock. It was assumed that the she had been stuck there for a long time. Since there was no herd around, all scope for a reunion with the herd was lost. 

The elephant calf was dehydrated and looked unwell. The authorities quickly decided to send the calf to the IFAW-WTI run Wildlife Rescue Center and contacted Dr. Rathin Barman. The IFAW-WTI team geared up to receive the elephant that arrived late evening on a rainy Monday.

The IFAW-WTI veterinarians Dr. Panjit Basumatary, Dr. Biswajit Boruah and Dr. Samshul Ali examined the calf and she was kept overnight under the watchful care of the night shift animal keepers and Dr. Ali.

A thorough inspection conducted the following morning revealed that the elephant had mild dehydration and maggot infection in the navel. Necessary treatment is going on.

Currently six female elephant calves are under various stages of rehabilitation at the IFAW-WTI rescue center.


Learn more about IFAW’s rescue efforts: Visit our wildlife rehabilitation and release page.

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