IFAW scholarship students graduate from KWS training institute

In 2014, IFAW embarked on an ambitious project to pay for the education of 60 students from the Olgulului/Olalarashi Group Ranch (OOGR) based in Amboseli. The announcement was met with celebration, relief and thanks by members of the community.

Last week, the first five students graduated from the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute (KWSTI).

Samson Leposo, Nickson Kispan, David Sirinketi, Moses Merin and Christopher Mugesa did their families proud as they strode up to the podium to shake hands with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Director General Kitili Mbathi as he presented them their diplomas. Four received diplomas in environmental management while Leposo received a diploma in wildlife management. Pride and joy was evident on the faces of their families and friends who had travelled more than 300 kilometres from Amboseli to Naivasha to witness the occasion. 

Samson Leposo receives a gift from KWS Director General Kitili Mbathi, the chief guest at the graduation at Kenya Wildlife Services Training Institute (KWSTI).

Leposo was the star of the day, having graduated with a distinction and coming second overall in his graduating class. He has been a star performer through the two years at college. Leposo’s leadership and initiative is evident as he volunteers for a non-profit organization based in Amboseli that seeks to empower his community through education, water and cultural conservation initiatives. On his part Christopher Mugesa posted a heartfelt thanks, stating, “[IFAW has helped] build a foundation for us. We are ready to give back.”

With continued help from our supporters, we look forward to not only attending more graduation ceremonies but mentoring these students as they progress in their careers.


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