Dulce, horse rescued from Chile wildfires, recovering nicely

Dulce was rescued out of Santa Olga, badly burned and visibly in pain.Rescued from the devastating wildfires in Chile by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and partner Global Alliance for Animals and People (GAAP), Dulce, which means sweet in Spanish, needed specialized care. He is a young little stallion, probably around eight months old, rescued out of Santa Olga, badly burned and visibly in pain.

The morning after Dulce was brought to the temporary shelter, he couldn’t stand up at all. The concerned vets put in a catheter to administer fluids. Eventually he stood up and the team decided IFAW-GAAP should transport him to a hospital that could provide him with more intensive care.

Transporting Dulce was not easy. Most horses from this part of Chile are unfamiliar with human contact and Dulce was in pain, exhausted and scared.

After a long, careful process to get Dulce into the trailer, our team transported him to Andrés Bello Veterinary Hospital in Santiago, Chile. Veterinarians at Andrés Bello were able to administer a complete health check, including an endoscopy to see if his trachea and larynx were burned.

Both his trachea and larynx looked healthy and, although he has severe burns and his feet are sore, we were told he should fully recover from his injuries with care from the veterinarians at Andrés Bello and the local Equestrian Club, who donated their time and care free of charge.

In the past few days, Dulce has been eating and he looks really good.

We are thrilled Dulce has a safe place to stay and can start healing from his injuries both emotionally and physically.

A special thank you to the whole IFAW-GAAP team and our supporters around the world that made it possible for Dulce’s story to have a happy ending.

You can help us continue our lifesaving work to protect and care for animals around the world.


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