Disaster response teams continue to work together across Germany

Watch the video above where IFAW staff were able to return pets affected by the flooding in Germany to their owners.

Recently, I was working side by side with our German colleagues in many of the villages ravaged by the raging water that has claimed lives and left a beautiful country side contaminated and scared. My team handed out food, supplies, and many hugs to all who are helping to serve so many who are less fortunate. Victims of the flood first wanted to thank us rather than complaining about their own struggles – many took only a small amount of food and made sure to direct us to their neighbors who were also in need of food for their animals. 

The Elbe River has fortunately receded but the damage is done: flood waters still remain stagnate over hundreds of thousands of farmland acres where the ground simply cannot absorb another drop. The floodwaters resembled a tsunami in many areas as dikes and dams broke sending powerful waves into villages thought to be protected. Many evacuated families, animal shelters, wildlife parks, and boarding facilities moved to areas deemed to be safe only to be moved again when the powerful water changed it's course. 

Last month, the International Fund for Animal Welfare team reported about their deployment to impacted areas helping to save pets from homes as the water was still rising. This week we were able to return pets to their owners. Amidst devastation and ruin of their gardens, homes, and farms, flood victims could express nothing but joy at the sight of their animals when we pulled up in the transport van.

Keeping animals safe and with their families in the wake of natural disasters is a priority for our IFAW Disaster Response Team. We are able to help communities prepare, respond and recover from disasters because of your support and our partners around the world. 

Thank you IFAW Germany for stepping up to support so many animals and their owners who have been impacted by the devastating floods across your country. 

Please stay tuned as we continue our work here in Germany. 


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