Courageous Canadian Senator fights to debate the commercial seal hunt and end it

Canadian Senator Mac Harb addresses the crowd at the International Day of Action for Seals.Today Canadian Senator Mac Harb will formally re-introduce legislation to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada.

Despite decades of support from the Canadian government, the market outlook for seal products remains bleak. The European Union market is closed to non-Inuit seal products; Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have banned the import of harp seal pelts, shutting off 90% of Canada’s exports; the Chinese seal-meat deal has not been finalized; and even $3.6 million in bailout money from the Newfoundland government has failed to draw large numbers of sealers to the hunt so far this year.

The writing is on the wall – the world does not want, nor need, products made from Canada’s dead seals.

The end of the commercial sealing industry is in sight.  It is time for the Canadian government to face the reality that commercial sealing is neither viable nor necessary in this day and age, and there are no indications that it will become so in the future. 

Instead of propping up this dying industry with bailouts and other financial assistance, any government support provided to the sealing industry should be in the form of a restructuring and transition plan to end commercial sealing and compensate affected individuals.

We at the International Fund for Animal Welfare support Senator Harb and applaud his commitment to end commercial sealing in Canada.  We know that all good things are difficult to achieve, and we will not give up the fight to end commercial sealing for good.

Take action now and contact members of the Senate of Canada, asking them to support Senator Harb’s bill to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada.  

-- SF

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6 years ago

end it noww!

6 years ago

I just dont see the needless killing that people all over the world have for innocent living things! People have no respect for life and therefore no respect for themselves! Every day I grow more and more disgusted by the violence in this world, and if it were not for the beautiful things in this world like seals, wolves, forrests, I wouldn't be able to handle the negativity!

6 years ago

You are a saints and a heros to help bring an end to the barbaric annual slaughter of thousands of baby seals. I have been praying for the slaughter to end for over 30 years! May the day come when humanity can raise its head in honor, rather than carry it down in shame.

God Speed

6 years ago

Keep up the good work. I have written more than 15 letters to Prime Minister Harper and Keith Ashfield. I hope and pray that the seal hunt will be abolished soon.
Laurie Guillot, 1205 Joshua Tree Drive, Plano, TX 75023-7330

6 years ago

it would be absolutely marvellous if this awful barbaric practice were to cease altogether lets hope that this is the end of cruelly hunting baby seals and clubbing them to death in front of the mother man is his own woest enemy and the most dangerous species on the planet

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