Andreas Dinkelmeyer, Communications Officer, Germany

Andreas Dinkelmeyer

Communications Officer, Germany

Andreas Dinkelmeyer is Communications Officer in the Germany IFAW office and international comms lead for the Companion Animals Program. Through this work and over the years he has gained a good insight into IFAW’s activities and programs. At the moment his portfolio covers Animal Action Education, Whales, Wolves, CITES and Companion Animals.

Andreas has been with IFAW since 2000, prior to that he studied Biology with a major in Animal Ecology, Tropical Ecology and Sociobiology in Germany. During his studies he visited the Universities filed station in the Comoé National Park in the Ivory Coast several times. After the studies of Biology he made a degree in Public Relations, made a short stint in the PR Department of Commerzbank, Germanys second largest Bank and did some time as a freelancer.