Alexa Kessler, Companion Animals Campaigner, IFAW Germany

Alexa Kessler

Companion Animals Campaigner, IFAW Germany

Alexandra Keßler is the Companion Animals Campaigner at IFAW in Germany since summer 2011, leading and running exclusively the German Companion Animals project.

Alexa studied wildlife ecology and management, nature conservation and marine biology and completed her diploma with top mark.

She has a lot of experience in tracking, catching and radio triangulation on several game animals (for example lynxes) in the Alps and other alpine regions.

Working for Germany`s biggest Nature Conservation Organization NABU she managed wildcats and beavers – both on their way back to spread over German ecosystems. Organizing events for politicians, hunter associations, scientists and the public has been the core of her job as well as the cartographic work in the field.

Being an activist for GREENPEACE at the same time and with her skills to bring several big organizations together she succeeded in fighting for the installation of a National Park in the woody Central Germany.  Her experience in forests management has been of big value for GREENPEACE’s forest consulting committee which she joined for several years.

Invited of GREENPEACE Vienna to work for them she was part of the nature conservation team engaging for an international mangrove project – investigating on markets, creating the web site and the magazine issue and a big event to that topic.

Back to Germany she first joined NABU again as the officer for public relations dealing with a lot of different topics, after that she worked as a freelancer in for a national activist conservation organization campaigning on the climatic change as project leader, activist and spokesperson.

She is trained as an activist diver and motorboat driver by GREENPEACE, as an activist climber for buildings, and gave lessons and workshops for treeclimbing for adults (for demonstrations and actions) as well as for children as nature education.

Actually Alexa lives as a single mum with a little daughter and her old dog Finn in Hamburg.